Is ShopWorx for me?

From a Shop Floor Supervisor to the CEO, there’s something in it for everyone. ShopWorx has been conceptualized keeping in mind all the departments that are part of Production operations of a manufacturing Shop Floor. See what ShopWorx has to offer from Shop Floor to Top Floor!



Use the Production Log App or the Planning App Lite to stay updated on the Shop Floor, make dynamic changes to plans and keep a digital log on .

  • Current Status of Machines and Plans
  • Update Plans to Real Time Customer Change Requests
  • Publish the day’s Plan and Track Deviations


ShopWorx enables monitoring of Current Production Status for every Machine and the Shop Floor as a whole with alerts for Downtime and Deviations from Planned Production

  • Planned vs Actual Production
  • Track Purging Wastage and Material Consumption
  • Automatic Production Data Reporting



Quality Inspectors can enter data in Real Time based on Production Status using Tablets, PCs or even Mobile Phones using specific Apps.

  • Rejection Analysis
  • Performance Measurement of Machines


Maintenance and Tooling departments can get alerts when machines go down and need maintenance.

  • Alerts for Downtimes
  • Downtime reasons from Tablets / Mobiles
  • Downtime Analytics

Whatever your department – ShopWorx gives you the complete view!